I have a number of projects on the go at any one time.  Telescope accessories, CCD stuff, adapters and mirror making equipment  and your run of the mill gadgets.  I did a lot of drawings for my telescope and only used a few of them on the construction article, so I'll put a few here. 
  Any comments or questions are welcome.  The thumbnails are linked to a larger image that should be easier to view.

CB245 Eyepiece Projection Adapter Mount

  After building my Cookbook CCD Camera I was trying it out on various sky  objects and of course tried to shoot Saturn, only to be disapointed at the size of the image on the screen.  -o-  Even smaller than this example.  The only way to get a larger image was either get a longer focal length telescope or use eyepiece projection.  No problem, I had used it for some moon shoots and had all the adapters for use with a 35mm. But the CB245 uses a 1 1/4 tube mount and will not fit in the extention tube.  So I came up with this adaper to screw into the end of the Celestron extention tube and the CB245 just slides into the
centre and locks in place with a screw.

A Better CB245 Preamp Mounting Box

  While building my CB245 I did not like the cover for the preamp circuit board so I came up with my own. Some of the transistors run a little warm so I added a few cooling fins, I don't know if they work but they really look neat.
  Both sections were machined from solid aluminium and are held together with small screws.  I extended the connections to the camera body by 3/4" to move the whole unit up out of the way.  The extension
on the bottom of the housing holds the conection strips and protects the leads.  There is a hole on the side for the trim pot, eventually I would like to put a knob on here so I don't have to fiddle around with a screwdriver to adjust the pot.

A 2" Focuser T-mount Camera Adapter

  While a dobsonian telescope cannot do your standard type of  astrophotography, you should be able to capture brighter objects with it such as the moon or sun(with appropriate filters) or to use for daytime terrestrial photography.
  I started with a 2" chunk of alunimium bar stock and hollowed it out to leave a 1/8" wall. I used a threading tool to roughen the inside of the tube and coated it with flat black paint to reduce reflections.

  Dovetail Finder Scope Mount for my 15" Telescope

  While building my 15" scope I picked up an 8x50 ra finder scope for it.  The big question was how to mount it on the secondary cage.  I did not want a permanent mount because of possible damage during transport,  but I wanted a good sturdy connection to the cage and minimum amount of adjustment after assembly.  the dovetail type of mount is very sturdy as well as having good repeatability when put together.  I built the mount out of aluminium and assemled it with stainless steel SHCS throughout.  I also put two recesses on the dovetail where the locking screws touch, first this prevents burrs which would make assembly difficult and second it keeps the finder from falling out if the locking screws come loose.  Pic 1    Pic 2    Pic 3    Pic 4    Pic 5

3d Cad Drawings  Cad 1 Cad 2   Cad 3    Cad 4

Camera Mounting Bracket for a Celestron C-8 Telescope

  When I bought my C-8 I tried to do some prime focus photography and of course my first efforts were disapointing.  I noticed several accessories available to mount you camera on top of the telescope,  a 200mm lense needs a lot less guiding than a 2000mm so I built my own mounting bracket. I also built a higher version to get the camera up a little more to keep the tube from vigneting the picture on shorter focal length lenses.

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