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Hale-Bopp taken from Summerside, PEI on 5 April 97- 10min exp on Fuji 400/ Canon EF, 200mm

M8- Lagoon nebula  taken at Nova East Aug 96, Fundy National Park, NB - 5min exp on Fuji

Sagittarius with numerous Messier objects  -  10 min exp on Kodak PJM - 50mm  at f2.8

More of the milky way  and  Messier objects - 10 min exp on Kodak PJM - 50mm at f2.8

Comet Hyakutake taken from my backyard in Summerside, PEI, Fuji 1600 - 200mm at f3.5

The Keck telescopes on Monakea in Hawaii, Taken by Ken Adams, Mar 96 while on vacation

Orion Nebula M42 - taken in my backyard Nov 95 - 5min exp on Fuji 1600 - 200mm f3.5

The moon from my driveway, prime focus of my C8  on Fuji 400

Another moon shot from my driveway but with better results this time.  better focus but a little under exposed, luckily it corrects very nicely through a graphics program.

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