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My name is James Crombie and welcome to my web page. I have endeavored to cover as much ground here as I can
on my hobby.  
I have completed building a 15" dobsonian and have written a construction article
which I have included here. 
I have been doing Astrophotography for several years now and included some of my meager efforts.  I have also built
a Cookbook CB245 CCD camera from Richard Berry's plans and hope to get some images here in the future. 
I also have some picture of additions and mechamical modifications to the camera here. 
  My day job as a machinist gives me access to equipment and materials that your average
Amateur Telescope Maker
normally does not have.  This lets me add a little precision to my projects. 
   I have been using a Computer Aided Design Program call Rhinoceros since 1997.  It is
a fantastic piece of software that will let you
model almost anything you can imagine. You can check it out with the demo version  Rhino3D 
   I also have a new web page devoted to my RhinoCad 3D drawings.
I Hope you enjoy my website. Any comments are welcome and appreciated.
James P. Crombie
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Member of - Royal Astronomical Society of Canada,Mississauga Center

This link will take you to my construction article on my 15" truss style dobsonian telescope

Here is a page of my experiments with the art and science of

Links, Links and more Links.  Surf off to various other pages in the ATM world and beyond.

I have several pages of things I have built for my astronomical activities
to make things a little easier when out with my scopes.  I have included CAD Renderings where ever possible as it makes the visualization of the project much easier.

mirror grinder page     I have finished construction of my Mirror Grinding Machine and have started a grinding log

My Rhinocad 3D page.  Some CAD Rendering of some projects, and some electronic doddling.  Mostly mechanical type stuff for no


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Additional web pages

Historical Documents on Amateur Telescope Making 

A 16" 9 Point Mirror Cell

Modification to my Strut Attach System for my 15" Dob

Tool review for ATM's - Digital Indicator

Telescope Making
Telescope Making
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